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Offering families the chance to build their home libraries with      quality books worthy of great memories

Our Vision


Books for your home, church, classroom or school library. We have it all.

Book on Table

Something for everyone in your household!!


We offer a wide variety of books. Silly, light reading or the classics.

Check out our latest favourites!

"[Living books are those that] capture the issues of life in such a way that they challenge the intellect, they inspire emotions, and they arouse something noble in the heart of the reader."

-C.S. Lewis

What our customers say...

Such a great experience! The books are of great quality physically but are also the exact books I want my daughter reading as she grows up! Will shop again!


About Me

Welcome here! I'm so glad you've come across my book store! As a homeschool mom and book lover, I know the value of good books and want to offer you those same books. After collecting books for over three years, my passion has become my job...
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